Wo geht's hier wohin?

30.08.09, 14:00:02

Dem Teufel sein Gebräu

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29.08.07, 00:30:41

Thunder In My Rusted Veins

Schon etwas älter. Soll aber auch nicht zu kurz kommen.

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28.08.07, 14:28:50

Mitten drin

Mitten drin---Wo auch sonst?

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19.06.07, 12:00:45

The Way To Los Ballos

Eine Geschichte von Boorgat Spook (www.myspace.com/boorgatspook). Von Ranselmann jun. vertont.

The way to Los Ballos

The morning came like a wolf, hungry and angry. Well Tom was trying to get his cold limbs warm after the pain of last nights bull ride, that ended up in a big whiskey drowned fight between ol´ Jim and the O'Malley boys and Tom had his fun too. The night's cold was still stuck in the old joints of our hero. But the Whiskey was keeping him in his dirty blanket on the hard floor of the barn where his horse was stomping around.

No cheap brew could keep this ol´ bastard down. After putting on his boots and coat the day could get on with his sunny dusty charm. Last nights winnings were still hammering ol´ Tom's head. He lit his last cigar and got on his horse.

West was the way to go, not because the next bull ride was waiting, but because ol´ Tom could not face he sun this bright morning. But he was in luck the yearly Los Ballos bull ride was on tonight and he could feel it in his bones that this year it´s gonna be his night with him walking away with the $1000 in his saddle bag. Till then he still had to get to Los Ballos.

This day will pass just as the night will come and Tom will be there to do his best. Well friends we will just have to wait for this nights fun.

See you tomorrow.

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19.06.07, 11:47:26

Willkommen bei Junior

In nächster Zeit kommt hier was Großes!

Ansonsten gibt's schon hier was:
* www.ranselmannjunior.de
* www.myspace.com/ranselmannjunior

Grüße ---